Refugee Workshop directed by Tim Robbins

Currently working on a play at The Actor's Gang created by Tim Robbins.

Fifteen refugees all find their journey to a new life in America. I play Runa Strasborg, a Polish Jew from 1940. All the characters' stories unravel simultaneously on stage as they leave home and travel towards their awaited destination.

Scratch work for Wreck-it-Ralph 2

I came back to Disney Animation Studios to play Sarah Silverman's character, Vanellope in Wreck it Ralph 2. It was great to be working with a lot of the same crew from Zootopia. I can now do a Sarah Silverman impression!

A Nickelodeon Short Cartoon

I joined a team of ladies to voice Nickelodeon's new short animation, "Best Baddies". We played a team of villains all working together to convince a girl scout to become "baaaaad". I played Hexi, a slightly slow villain with magical powers.